The management of the Emuca Group is aware that all of the company´s achievements would not have been possible without the backing of the team of professionals who strive everyday to attain the values that define us as a company; excellent service and personalised assistance.

Emuca works to ensure that people grow simultaneously alongside the business by providing suitable ongoing training and generating opportunities for professional and personal development.


In 2007 the Más familia Foundation awarded us the Certificate for being a Responsible Family Company.

Through this certificate, the foundation acknowledges our company´s commitment to policies and initiatives that ensure conciliation and equality between employees. Our company was a pioneer in obtaining efr certification, it was among the first 30 companies to attain it in Spain and the first from the furniture sector. There are currently more than 300 companies that hold this distinction. Being an efr company means committing to a third-generation management model, based on ongoing improvement, which corresponds to a new working culture in the field of corporate social responsibility. At present we have a Social Benefits Manual outlining more than 25 measures aimed at increasing the quality of life of our employees. Also, we collaborate with centres and associations that involve groups with difficulties finding work, and they are regular suppliers to our organisation. Our commitment is to continue working on socially responsible policies, with measures that contribute towards employment quality, conciliation, professional development and equal opportunities.

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