Our European commercial headquarters help us to be close to our clients and thus be able to discover the latest trends in the furniture sector. We export to more than 50 countries and we have an extensive and well-prepared commercial network in Europe, that is aware of the demands posed by the different networks.

The logistics facilities in Padua, Italy and Valencia in Spain constitute strategic logistics centres due to their location, which speeds up the distribution of our products around all of Europe.

Company foundedarrow_forward

Foundations laid that would turn Emuca into the business group it is today.

Aluminium factoryarrow_forward

New trends in the furniture sector lead to the creation of the Palbox Industrial S.L factory, in order to offer integral aluminium solutions effectively.

Start of the Internationalization Phase

The company´s strategic project for internationalization takes shape, beginning with Portugal. Automatization of the Warehouse: In order to increase distribution to new markets, a 2,000m2 extension of the warehouse is carried out.
Creación de departamento I+d+i: Following the business strategy of providing greater momentum to innovation and ongoing improvement of the company´s own products, a R+d+i department was consolidated in 2002.

Italy – Slovenia
International Development

Purchase of the Italian company Técnical, which has lots of experience in exportation, and the Slovenian company Prometal Doo, making a very significant step forward in the international expansion of the business.

Certification of Accredited Projectsarrow_forward

The level of self-demandingness with Emuca´s own product design leads to the attainment of the certification of projects by an accredited body.

New central facilitiesarrow_forward

The Emuca, S.A office building is extended by 1,200 m2, to now cover a total of 2,200 m2. The following year the storage capacity is extended to 12,000 m2, with a commitment to the most advanced logistics systems in order to optimise the response to national and international demand.

New company imagearrow_forward

To mark the company´s 25th anniversary, the corporate image of the Business group is unified.

Company Certification
Responsible Family

In 2007 Emuca obtained the Responsible Family Company certification from the MásFamilia Foundation.

New Facilities in Italyarrow_forward

New Emuca Srl (Padua, Italy) facilities opened covering a total surface area of 6,400 m2: 5.200 m2 warehouse and 1,200 m2 of offices.

UK – France
International Consolidation

British company Stockfit Ltd. is acquired, with Emuca thus setting up a new headquarters in the vicinity of London, United Kingdom, that meets the demands of this consolidated market.

Creation of the
Strategic Marketing department

Faced with new sector challenges and new client needs, major reorganization of the different company departments was carried out.

New website and B2Barrow_forward

The website is completely revamped and all of the available information, products, news, company information, etc. is brought together. Also, a significant commitment is made to our B2B orders transaction system with new functions.

Digital transformationarrow_forward

Globalisation, the emergence of new technologies and the need to obtain efficiency across all operations, has led us to launch a series of projects that will help us to automatize our operations and to offer a more efficient service to our clients through the different access channels.

Celebration of 35th Anniversaryarrow_forward

To mark this anniversary, an ambitious plan is started that will allow us to become a benchmark within the sector for European furniture fittings and accessories.

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