At Emuca Online,in addition to offering an extensive catalogue of furniture fittings and accessories, one of our aims is to offer great quality service. Therefore, attaining optimal delivery times is our priority. That is the main reason why we make constant investments in logistics at each of our facilities.

We have 2 logistics centres, which cover more than 21,000 m2, one in Valencia (Spain) and another in Padua (Italy), which constitute strategic logistics centres due to their location, which speeds up the distribution of our products around all of Europe.

In our logistics centres we have the most cutting-edge automatic storage and internal transport management systems. We currently store more than 28,000 pallets.

to all of Europe

At Emuca Online we work with the transport agencies with the most coverage and greatest reliability on the market, and along with our large stock of products this means that we can guarantee immediate delivery throughout Europe.

Our freight system is designed to cover all the needs of our clients:

  • By weight bracket.
  • By percentage of the order amount (in this case the freight will be free if the order surpasses a certain threshold).

We want to become your integral logistics supplier through our dropshipping service, which will enable you to reduce the needs of stock financing, save space by not having to store or handle our products, minimise the need for staff to handle products, reduce the risk of breakages and product obsolescence, reduce the costs of transport and administrative management of orders, improve your service times by reducing the delivery times to clients, dispatch to all of Europe with the best delivery times and make dispatches with our image and brand so that clients identify their orders with your online shop or marketplace.

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