The Emuca Group has more than 37 years of experience designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of fittings and accessories aimed at the furniture, carpentry, hardware and DIY sectors.

Our commercial headquarters in Valencia (Spain), Padua (Italy), Chelmsford (United Kingdom), Nantes (France) y Lisbon (Portugal) enable us to stay in direct contact with the latest trends in the furniture sector which our Innovation Department then transfers into our products.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of our operations, in Spain we have a factory that offers comprehensive solutions in aluminium.

Emuca online is the online sale platform specialising in furniture fittings and accessories. Also, through our dropshipping service we will become the integral logistics supplier for your online shop our marketplace.

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Our European commercial headquarters help us to be close to our clients and thus be able to discover the latest trends in the furniture sector. We export to more than 50 countries we have an extensive and well-prepared commercial network in Europe, that is aware of the demands posed by the different networks.

The logistics facilities in Padua, Italy and Valencia in Spain constitute strategic logistics centres due to their location, which speeds up the distribution of our products around all of Europe.


Innovation is essential to us, therefore, we design competitive solutions that generate the balance that we always seek between functionality, quality and price.

Our catalogue has an extensive range of items that offer functional solutions for fitting out spaces such as the home, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc. Also, we have an Innovation Department specialising in the development of new product lines, that update and extend our competitive range.

The international presence of the Emuca Group and the valued opinions of clients are also a crucial help in terms of meeting the changing needs of furniture, which emerge from new lifestyles.

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